In our third installment of our exclusive mix series, we introduce you to Bleepfunk, the creative output of one Graham Fletcher.
An eclectic DJ of some years experience and veteran record collector, he has a fluent knowledge of multiple genres. Although it must be said, even though his sets may vary in style they never vary in quality, deftly switching through thoroughly sourced underground records drenched in a healthy serving of funk and soul.
Fletcher is in classic form with this Dubbed Out Disco Mix that sees tracks like Motif’s “Let The Madness begin” gel effortlessly with the likes of Jacques Lu Cont’s remix of Leroy Hanghofer’s ‘Pin’ and Bam Bam’s ‘Funkyland’.

Bleepfunk will be appearing alongside the wealth of talent in The Den, including Homoelectric’s party programmer,   Will Tramp, purveyor or muscular house and amyl electro, Pete Mangalore and Eastern Bloc Records audio artisan, Black Eyes.

If you want to hear more of Bleepfunk you can check his Soundcloud page for a much wider angle of his musical acumen.