As our gathering in the grounds of the gorgeous Cholmondeley Castle draws ever nearer, we’ve decided to start up Radio One Tribe Spotify playlist for all of our jam-packed stages, to show the vast array of audio delights on offer. 
First to go under the microscope is our Forest Stage, which plays host to an impressive array of underground music’s brightest contributors with tracks from the likes of Boddika, Lone and Move D all the way through to Radioactive Man, Jerome Hill and D.A.V.E the Drummer.

Also included in this playlist are hidden gems from some of Freerotation Festivals brightest lights in the form of Grimes Adhesif‘s blistering new offering on Greta Cottage Workshop ‘Autonomy’ as well as Duckett‘s ‘No Relation To Me’. Tom Ellis’ moody saxophone led deep house etching, ‘Thing One’, makes an appearance, in addition to, Freerotation founder, Steevio’s work of organic dance-floor action; ‘Extremics’ Audio Farm Festival’s favourites veterans

Some of Audio Farm Festival’s favourite veterans also make an appearance with Crow Castle Cuts discovery, Gnork flexing his remix muscles in a sleazy workout of Luv*Jam‘s  ‘Anti Tracksuit Party’ and Cy Humphreys’ Stuttacato is in attendance too, whilst Sunday’s stage host and Manchester staple, Micron (no, not the French president) have their residents, Kerouac & Smile’s offering; Hang ’til Daybreak.

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