With less than a month to go before we take to the Cheshire countryside to envelop ourselves in a weekend whirlpool of musical talent and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s in store at the festival.
So it came as something of a godsend when the hosts of Audio Farm Festival’s Psychedelic Stage, Furthur Progressions Records dropped this special Audio Farm Festival podcast into our laps.

Hosted by the label head honcho, Hamish the mix steers its way through some of the finest highlights and snapshots of what to expect at the festival, including guest interviews and anecdotes from two of our headliners in the form of underground superstars, Cimi and Bedouin. 

This transcendentally talented trio will be appearing in a weekend of bleeps, creeps and sweeps with melodic mayhem, alongside some of the genre’s top underground talents that include: Fabio & Moon, Gaudi and Sonic Species. 


You can check the podcast right here: