In our second exclusive mix, we’re excited to bring you a 2-hour epic ride from boundary-pushing turntable pilot, Luv*Jam. A cult hero in electronic music culture with a sharp eye for boundary breaking, quirky shades of house, techno and dreamy ambient sounds.

1. So something of a celebrated visual designer. Do you think that elements of your design background seep into your music and DJ sets?

“Why thank you so much. Yes, not so much my DJ sets as such, but the nights I promoted were more art installations than club nights!
You recall the Mexican clown posters and the % of roadkill posters, we were a bit quirky with messages and secret factual knowledge – It’s not just about camo netting and red lights, it’s about oddity and weirdness and otherworldly experiences… As with design –
we also do the art for the labels and yes it’s a feature that punters like, the inserts, the stamps, the extra bits. A record is not only about
the music but the full experience… How do we make it even more compelling, more collectible”. 

2. Your parties are something of folklore in certain parts of the underground community and there were some huge highlights from making a giant gazebo den in the middle of the dancefloor to booking the likes of Boys Noize, is there anything that makes you look back and think; “That happened – I did that”?

“When I look back at the old photos, I do think, sh*t, yes we did actually do that. Yes, we did do that crazy secret forest onk in the north wales countryside and the following day drove back and to Stanstead to pick up Boysnoize for his first UK gig and do the entire same things again. That’s probably why I’m so tired nowadays haha! Those experiences were special for so many people. The word ‘cult’ is too much, but they certainly were memorable experiences”.

3. The labels, Crow Castle Cuts and Blind Jacks Journey are something of a barometer for fresh and interesting underground music.
I’m not going to use the phrase “Trendsetter” but with early releases from the likes of;  wAFF, Gnork, Acasual, Jimini, Al Zanders, the list goes on.
How do you find these artists before they break out?

“Thanks again, I guess, it’s about being in the mix of it all. Gnork came our way, via Dynamodyse, who we met via We Play House, then Gnork eventually introduced me
to his Budapest buddy Tamas Fiel. Red D from We Play House also introduced me to Jimini. I came across Al Zanders via the Huddle guys in Sheffield whilst playing there
and wAFF I met in Ibiza and so on… Part of it is about having the balls to do it, some things have done have been on impulse (well most of them really)
The Acausal track, for example, we knew it was good, but when old Move D plays it in a loft party in NYC, things took off for that record. But I had to go and deliver
those records to David on a stage at a Beacons Festival, otherwise, perhaps he may not have discovered the label!? So part of it is about ‘pulling one’s fingers out”.

4. Also, with regard to the labels. You see your label’s output is highly prized and collectible, especially through the likes of Discogs marking up the original price by
500%. Does that get to you much when you consider what it takes to get the record out there?

“Some are, some aren’t. We started by just doing 300 units to be safe, then some became valuable on Discogs due to this limited volumes
so, although some people might think we were going against our word of ‘no repress and so on’ but why should Discogs bullies mark up their price so dramatically.
I do believe that if somebody wants something so badly they will pay for it, but the sheer brutality of the price hike is just a P*ss take!
I have my limits – and I believe that OK, if a record was £10, then yes, as a collector, maybe £20 is ok to pay, but not £100. Therefore we meet the market requests
and do small represses, in the case of 1.2, 1.3, 10.3 and Raw.4 we did around 1000 units. And now the prices have settled. But with the likes of 1.3 and 10.3 we
could probably continuously repress those, but now we focus on the new stuff. Those represses helped fund the other records that didn’t sell so many,
not that we need to justify it, but because one record does well, doesn’t mean that I’m still not sat on a few shelves of spares here, which all had to be paid for of course!”

5. Finally. You’ve had a long term relationship with the Audio Farm team. Can you tell us about how that came about and what keeps you coming back?

“Yes, the guys have been there in the PIT, since year dot, when even I was baby-faced, and if I was, they were for sure! Ant, Tay, Ste, the boys n girls
we met in the LUV*JAM onk pit yes!? I have followed them about and they have been kind enough to let me play their nights and festivals ever since.
So Antwerp will be a first for me, and to play the ONE TRIBE festival is also very exciting indeed”. 

You can catch Luv*Jam kicking out his inimitable sound on Friday night at the Forest Stage.

Luv*Jam presents DREAM HOUSE TROPICANA VOLUMES – Volume Four is out now on Blind Jacks Journey