Ahead of the launch party for Audio Farm Festival at Antwerp Mansion, our guest and Freerotation resident, Duckett has donated an epic sonic journey for our inaugural podcast series.

So, you have a big summer ahead. What have you got planned aside from Freerotation and One Tribe?

“I’m excited about a few releases coming up, the obvious scene etiquette means no label names to be mentioned yet. Massive pretentious yawn. I’m slipping.
Gigs are always interesting. Just played out in Berlin a few weeks back, from that to a boat in Paris in a few weeks and some Manchester gigs in between. Freerotation is always an annual highlight, and with a Freerotation takeover at One Tribe will we make it out of the arse end of summer with our sanity intact?”

What equipment are you running in your live set up?

“Semi live! I use an er-7, a geminic fg-777, midi c-13 and c -88, different combinations of dystopies yx5 connected via rampage ribbons and a laptop to keep it all in sync. Most of the gear is imported”.

How often do you update your live sets and how long does it take to programme your sets?

“I hate playing the same set twice. I spend most of my time going backwards. I constantly make things worse. My judgement can be terrible. It’s taken me a lifetime to unravel it this far. I’ll give up eventually and end up in the folk clubs. No joke. I love folk music. No one cares about how I make my sets. I sacrifice important things like visiting my mum and walking along the beach. That’s whats really important”.

While we do agree with Duckett in that you’ve got to make time for the things that matter, you could perhaps listen to his audio offering on the way to the beach with your mum, or even on the way to a festival where you can catch Duckett as part of Freerotation Friday on the Forest Stage this August.
For sporadic updates on Duckett’s releases, Action Figures and Playstation 4 game, be sure to head to his Facebook site.