Profits generated from all Audio Farm and One Tribe Festival festival event goes to
Green Paw project:

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Audio Farm Festival 2018 is a Non Profit, non-corporate, fundraising roots festival in which all profits go towards UK registered charity, Green Paw Project (UK Charity Registration Number 1166316). 100% of the shares of One Tribe Festival Ltd are owned by Green Paw Project, therefore the directors and organisers receive no profits.

As we are a non-profit fundraising charity event, all ticket money income has no Vat implications, meaning 100% of ticket money goes towards the running of the event with all remaining profits going to Green Paw Project, with no Corporation Tax involved.

Audio Farm Festivals 2018 financial aim is to raise £20,000 for Green Paw Project. The £20,000 will continue to build on the donations already generated from past events and festivals which is an incredible £14,756. Since the successful Ecuador project, the past 2 years have been dedicated to raising funds, and research and development for ‘Mission Malawi’. The project finally kicks off in September 2018 with Green Paw Projects first Malawian free veterinary clinic, spaying and neutering and rabies campaign in towns and cities across Malawi over a 3 week period. Additionally, from July 2018 Green Paw Project will employ its first full-time Malawian, an ex National Park Ranger of 20 years. Isaac will be the eyes and ears on the ground in Malawi furthering research and development. Isaac is a passionate animal loving Malawian and Green Paw project are privileged for him to be their first full-time employee.

The final and long term mission for using money raised from Audio Farm Festival 2018 and past / future festivals and events will be used to build an animal wildlife sanctuary to help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife such as leopards, monkeys, antelopes etc. The project will also aid in the fight against the poaching of animals, such as elephants, through front line defence work in the National Parks.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
~ (Mahatma Gandhi)

About Green Paw Project

Green Paw Project is an international charity dedicated to the welfare of animals. We are a strictly non-profit organisation that receives all of its funding from generous sponsors, as well as monthly, yearly and one-off donations.

Across the globe there are countless beautiful animals that urgently need our help. Many species have greatly diminished in number, while others expand as a result of overbreeding and are left uncared for and helpless. In most cases humans are the sole reason for these abnormal changes. Therefore it’s also us who are responsible for now changing the tide and saving these animals.

Green Paw Project are dedicated and determined to make a difference. We primarily offer free veterinary treatment to domestic and wild animals within the UK and far-flung locations across the globe. This is our way of taking extensive action to stem the ever-increasing extinction numbers, whilst also protecting the growth of our domestic animals on the streets.