Recycling and sustainability are a cornerstone of Audio Farms principles. Audio Farms always aims to choose sustainable materials and locally sourced products, thus dramatically reducing Audio Farms impact on the environment.



Recycling bins are dotted around the site to contribute to keeping the castle grounds in pristine condition, hence leaving no trace.

Eco Cup Scheme

Reusable ‘eco cups’ are used to cut down on plastic waste at the bars and stalls and local beers, wines and spirits. The eco cup scheme works by paying £1 for your cup at the bar, and once returned you will be refunded the £1. Or you can simply keep you cup and reuse all weekend and even take it home as souvenir.

Plastic bottles and water on site

Audio Farm is working towards being as Eco Friendly as possible. Our first step is to eradicate the use of plastic bottles on site. For this reason we are selling reusable fold up plastic bottles to use all weekend at £2.50. Or please bring your own water bottle holder. You will be able to use the tap to fill up your water bottles.


One Tribe encourages the use of coaches / minibus tickets, or lift share programmes. Please be environmentally friendly and book our coaches from


Toilets on site

Audio Farm is working towards being as Eco Friendly as possible. Ideally we would want to compost all toilet waste, and this is our future. However compost toilets are too expensive at present. Only having Compost Toilet for the future is our goal. As we grow our environmental status will grow also.