The second Audio Farm resident to step up takes the form of energetic party-starter, Hugo, with a voyage through a gloriously anthemic rollercoaster of hand raisers and foot tappers.

So how did you come to be involved in the Audio Farm team?

I met the guys from Audio Farm a few times at forest raves and parties and this one year my nephew Andy asked me to throw him a mega party at his house so we went crazy and decked his whole gaff out with camo by screwing heavy duty hooks all around his house. We even had a slip and slide into a swimming pool outside amongst other crazy fun stuff. Later that night I had a call off Tay Audio Farm asking if they could come round, an hour later they turned up with a rig and before we knew it the place was full on party. We called it ‘Smashed at the Brickhouse’.

I have been involved with the Audio Farm crew and their parties from pretty much the beginning. I was lucky enough to be asked by Ste Chesters to develop the first website, which has been redeveloped over the years and which I still look after today.

I’m also hands on when the festival build is on and help out as much as I can, as anyone who’s involved in running big events knows how much work there is behind the scenes to make these events happen so anything I can do I know goes a long way.

You’ve been playing for the event for a few years now, can you talk us through how you prepare to play at the festival?

One of my passions is finding decent music and not necessarily new music but great tracks that become almost archived, these are the tracks I love to find and add to my ever-growing collection. I have been collecting music now for over 20 years so organising my library is important to me so I can easily find the sound I am looking for when playing at any party or event. Most of my collection is digital now and I am currently migrating to Rekordbox as it just makes sense to do this as Pioneers’ industry standard kit uses this.

For each planned set I will collate a digital crate of tracks on usb and make sure I have enough tracks to play depending on the present crowd. From experience having a planned set from one track to the next never seems to go how you want it to, so by having a more diverse selection on hand gives you the freedom to change the mood and get more in tune with the crowd.

Could you give us a few of your favourite memories at the festival and are there any special tracks reserved for your Audio Farm set?

There are so many memories but my all time favourite was last year’s Audio Farm Festival at Cholmondley Castle. Mobius Loop were performing in The Nest, and up until that point the whole of the weekend was dry, we had a short down poor and soon we had mud. My daughter, Verity Mae who was 11 at the time decided to cover herself in mud from head to toe and join in the dancing at the front of the stage, it wasn’t long before she had an entourage of mud dancing tribal warriors joining in the fun. That pretty much made my weekend.

Regarding special tracks I do have a few, and I’ll definitely be playing a track by ‘Riva Starr’ called ‘The Loft’ which is a remix by ‘Emanual Satie’. I love the energy this track gives and the video below shows this energy and how raw parties used to be back in those days.

The track pretty much sums up what my set is going to sound like. If I have a fraction of that crowd dancing I’ll be happy.


Do you think working for the festival has had an impact on your everyday life?

Not really although I am constantly tinkering away on the backend of the site. I have met and continue to meet the best people and for this I’m grateful. There are so many corporate festivals that are just money making machines and they can attract the wrong crowd, that’s pretty much the opposite for Audio Farm Audio Farm Festival as everyone there is there not only for the music and healing but to meet like-minded souls of a kindred spirit. One Love One Tribe X

Audio Farm Residents: Cy Humphreys

With it being an epic task to put on a festival with such a small team, none of the team has yet to put together a mix for our website in the 2 years. Not a one! Enter our resident house music botherer and Beatport underachiever, Cy Humphreys, who’s hastily put together a weighty mix from our farm to your table.

So how did you come to be involved in the festival?

“Well, I’ve been involved from the very start of the road I’d say. I first met the guys at gatherings and parties in remote parts of North Wales about 2007 - come to think of it, I distinctly remember my first ever encounter with Ste (Chesters) – him telling me he wanted to create a festival environment with some of the biggest artists in the world. You hear that sort of thing all the time and I laughed it off as easily. They set up shop in Withington and Audio Farm opened the doors in the Northern Quarter’s Moho Live, early 2009.
After a flurry of events with the likes of Derrick May, Shonky, Radioactive Man, Evil 9, I ate my words, moved up to Manchester and joined the circus. I’ve never really looked back. I’ve watched the rabble grow into a thriving, busy village of super-talented heroes make some truly breath-taking festival moments I’ll never forget”.


“The production value that went into the Forest Stage last year was outstanding I think it was a guy called Daniel Jacques that came up with the design. I apologise if I leave anyone out. Our décor crew like Sonya and Dawn, source such odd and unique pieces. There’s not too many times I walk round the site when I don’t have to do a double take.
Last year the crew managed to get hold of some of the set from the BBC show, Peaky Blinders, they turned a passport checking booth into a bar. I do get chuffed pointing it out to people like I had some credit in that happening. Reflective glory!”

What do you play at the festival?

“House and disco (no edits) with a bit of techno like Robert Hood or Anthony Shakir with acapellas, Rick & Morty clips. There’s no real standard format. But the bulk of it is house…… A few rave records. Everyone plays rave from time to time these days. I’ve got some stuff that I’ve made that’s exclusive to me that I’m too lazy to get released”
“I played a dubstep remix once, too.”

What are your highlights to check out at this year’s Festival?

“The line-up this year has to be a favourite from my point of view, as I own at least one record of every artist at the top of the bill. Carl Craig will surely be something special and I’m handing over the headphones to DJ Sneak this year, too.
As far as people off the beaten track so-to-speak? Someperson. He’s, like this dusty, Dilla-esque guy from round my way. Sam Watson is always good. We’re also having a Human Shield event to mark our lovely friend Pete Mangalore, who sadly passed this year. This will be a permanent fixture at the festival now as he was a highlight at every event we put on.
Errr, Barry Gammon and The Midday incident, as I want to know what Paul’s done with his viral fame after his offer of “12 free bales of hay” post went viral with hundreds and thousands of shares across the globe last winter. You’d think they didn’t have free hay in Japan, not to mention the delivery charge on that from Preston?"

Could you give us a few of your favourite memories behind the turntables at the festival and are there any special tracks reserved for your Audio Farm set?

“Last year, I did 5 back to back 18 hour shifts then went to warm up for Lone on the Forest Stage.
A few years ago a guy didn’t turn up for his set and Pete (Mangalore) came running past me saying ““Matt’s (Black Eyes) try’na blag it – grab yer records - we’re not gonna let that c**t get away with it”.
Once there he demanded we were doing it topless”.
I guess I’m known at the festival for playing the Ashley Beedle remix of The Streets ‘Weak Become Heroes’ as a closer”

Tell us about your mix?

It was recorded live in one take on a Sunday morning in Hoole with my girlfriend when we were dog sitting for my mate, Danny. He’s got some decent kit so I pugged in and played for a bit.
I’ve only got one turntable and no mixer at home so I took the rare opportunity. There wasn’t any planning that went into it (as will become apparent)

Intro with Amy Poehler.
D Train you’re the one for me
Gary’s Gang – Lets Lovedance (Danny Krivitt Edit)
Gene Chandler – When You’re #1
Dan Shake - Magic Marcel
Global Communication The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
Roman Rauch – Too Many Things
MF Doom- Devil’s Shoestring (Cody Currie’s Re-Jazz)
Kyle Hall - Tomorrow is the day
Mr G & G Flame - G’s Sound Dub
Anonym - Deep Ending
Round II – New Day
G Prod – D-Light
Kink – Chorus
Russ Gabriel – Change
DJ H – Come On Boy (Larry Levan Mix)
Marques Hawkes – Basement is Burning
Koenig Saatgut – The Spirit
Doc Daneeka - Never Wanna Lose Your Love
Duke Silver – DugOut
Unbreakable Kimmy Choir – Ellija Rise


Pulsing through the night, powered by a fusion core of molten Detroit soul, underpinned German engineering, 'Home Of The Drum - By Night', will be piloted by some of the most legendary figures the global techno scene has to offer.
To help get acquainted with the talent we've got on offer,  we've decided to put together a very special 'Home Of The Drum - After Dark' Spotify Playlist, to give your ears a bit of a rub down.

This playlist takes a tour round a few highlights of our guest's prolific careers, taking in the likes of Juan Atkins' seminal 1982 record as Cybotron - Clear, as well as fellow Detroit resident, DJ Bone's 'It's All About'.
Scottish legends, Slam, have painted their way through seven shades of techno textures over the years, as you can see from their first release on their own Soma Recordings, 'Eterna'.
And we have XDB and his fist pumping, 'Indywa' whereas Fellow Freerotator, DJ October on the list with tracks like, 'Drama Queen'.

You can catch these guys alongside residents of some of the area's most respected party platforms. Manchester vinyl monolith, Eastern Bloc will be represented by Kerrie, *Means&3rd and Akram and front-running techno party,  Meat Free will be in control of Saturday, with their residents: Blasha & Allatt Alice Woods and Lucy Ironmonger.
Liverpool's leaders in the underground and hosts of Friday's party, 303, take over with their residents: Kenny Muir Stuart Hodson and Gemma Muir. Not to mention our residents: Leon Mittenacht, Gary Sloan and Tom Houghton.

For more playlists from us and our guests, you can subscribe to our Spotify page. You can just cloick It's right there. It'd be rude not to.
You can also check out exclusive mixes and more music on our SoundCloud page.


Edging closer and closer, like a stampede of colour, rhythm and sound, One Tribe is well and truly over the horizon and heading towards us at what seems like breakneck speed.
With all the music on offer, we're sure there's not a person here that's heading down to Cholmondeley Castle that hasn't got their highlights in the lineup. But just to help you out in discovering some new sounds to get your head around, we've put together a series of Spotify playlists with sounds of the artists that will be pumping out of the speakers.

We began by examining The Forest Stage's wealth of musical acumen with tracks by the likes of Boddika, Lone, Move D, Psychmagik and Roberto.
Next, under the melodic microscope, we have The Home Of The Drum during the daytime.
While seven shades of techno pulse through The Home of The Drum by night, the day belongs to a procession of eclectic sounds from all over the world.
Highlights include Stadium electro titans, The Egg, that will be taking us back to transforming car adverts in 2007 with their Radio One strangling 'Walking Away'. Wild Marmalade blend primal didgeridoo sounds with swingy chords in 'Redbelly'. Afriquoi lay down original uplifting and contemporary African influenced house. The Turbans give you a taste of traveller rave before the industrial revolution through their Balkan Beats, whereas the John Fairhurst's mountainous voice strides over a punchy, stripped back, Mississippi Delta groove on 'Hungry Blues'.

With only one track per artist on this playlist, these tracks are needles in the harmonic haystack,  so a bit of extra research might advisable (with a great many artists not actually being on Spotify). And be sure to subscribe for future exclusive playlists from Lone, Move D, DJ October and Roberto and many more artists.
For more music and downloads you can head to our SoundCloud page for exclusive mixes by Luv*Jam, Duckett and live recordings from One Tribe itself.


The big cities have always been the places you go to find new music and listen to talented, bubbling under talent before the inevitable explosion of popularity. The Mango Club in Chester buck this trend, playing host to some of contemporary underground's breaking talents to packed out, fever pitch crowds every time they open their doors.
We tried to get inside the heads of founders and promoters, Alan and Benito, in order to get to know a little bit about their monstering Cestrian success story.

So I’m sure you get this a lot, but could you tell us a bit about how you both (and Benito) came up with the name?

Sure. The name 'the mango club' comes as at the time a couple of our mates used to call each other mango "hey mango". As the party started purposely to bring friends together through music we decided the name, worked quite well and we went with it.

I’ve got to say I’m a fan of the event page/flyer art too. Can you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind these works?

Yes this is a massive part of us as a party and showcasing talent of people from our area is very important. Each year we give an art creative freedom to design the flyers for the events, The inspiration for this there are a lot of talented people from Chester and we want them to be part of the Mango club. We like to incorporate aspects of the city in the design to give representation.

For a club night outside of a major city, you’ve managed to make a success of booking some of the freshest underground artists and DJs over the years without any cynical ploys or resorting to booking more obvious names. My question is; How all of that?

Alan: It's a great scenario for us to be honest and one we appreciate. We have a blank canvas And just want to bring our favourite artists to the party and by doing this have gained a trust from the community who come. We used to dream of bribing some of the people we have been able to into Chester. It's a nice thing to do for our community.
Benito: I think a lot of credit also lies with the team we built around us and have continued to develop. Because there never was much of a scene in the city, like Alan said - we have, and do still have a blank canvas. Accompany the fact that the crowds are relatively young and willing to be educated or so to speak, along with the fact that we have a really hard working team encouraging people to come to the parties - we are kinda on to a winning recipe. They come, they enjoy it and then they keep coming and they haven’t had their heads turned by boring and obvious tech-house artists because nobody is really doing that around here, they’ve gone straight into the good stuff which allows us to continue to book genuinely exciting up and coming artists rather than having to compromise our ethos.

Sticking with some of the names you’ve booked over the 4 years, are there any highlights or DJ’s that have surprised you that come to mind?

Alan: Christopher Rau was a bit difficult (crowd-wise). Apart from that everyone else has been first class. We've witnessed outstanding performances night after night.
Benito: I will have to echo what Alan said, almost every single one of the artists has been impeccable, both behind the decks and as a person. We actually became such good friends with Jordon (Mall Grab) he’s just moved in over the road and I'm currently tour managing for him as some work on the side. He would be an obvious highlight for me and is the perfect example of us booking somebody on the cusp of their big break. Willow would have to be another highlight, I've never seen (vinyl only) mixing as smooth as that before in my life and the crowd were on point as always. HNNY as well, I think that was our first ever sell out if I remember rightly. He was unbelievable and it’s such a shame he is no longer playing out anymore. I guess that makes it all the more special that we had him. He was such a nice guy and we wish you all the best Johan!

Mango Club Resident, Nick Jones provided us with an eloquently sourced mix to give a glimpse of what to expect from their take over with himself, Alex Wilson and Benedikt Webber and special guest, Luv*Jam on a Friday that also includes 12 hours of Freerotation as  well as appearances from DJ Bone  XDB,




With less than a month to go before we take to the Cheshire countryside to envelop ourselves in a weekend whirlpool of musical talent and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s in store at the festival.
So it came as something of a godsend when the hosts of Audio Farm Festival's Psychedelic Stage, Furthur Progressions Records dropped this special Audio Farm Festival podcast into our laps.

Hosted by the label head honcho, Hamish the mix steers its way through some of the finest highlights and snapshots of what to expect at the festival, including guest interviews and anecdotes from two of our headliners in the form of underground superstars, Cimi and Bedouin. 

This transcendentally talented trio will be appearing in a weekend of bleeps, creeps and sweeps with melodic mayhem, alongside some of the genre's top underground talents that include: Fabio & Moon, Gaudi and Sonic Species. 


You can check the podcast right here:


It's fair to say that Liverpool's underground music scene has had a facelift from the Cream dominated years with a slew of new venues and club nights pulling themselves out of the woodwork and into a scene that's teeming with fresh talent.

303 have very much established themselves as charge leaders in making the city the hot-spot that it is today with a who's who of electronic music's greatest envelope pushers and legendary selectors gracing the turntables to packed, fever-pitch crowds at every show.
Clubnight cornerstone, Kenny Muir sat down to answer the pressing (and some not-so) questions behind the 4-year roller-coaster ride through the Williamson Tunnels and beyond. 

So, the city of Liverpool‘s underground seems to flourishing in the last few years do you think you’re a symptom of the revival or part of the cause?.

"It certainly is flourishing and it’s great to see so many try their hand at the promotion game.  Liverpool isn’t the biggest city in the country but it is certainly the most competitive with new nights popping up literally every month and some great one’s well. There’s not many cities as healthy as Liverpool for dance music right now".We are now in our 4th year and I would say rather than being a symptom I would say we are very much part of the cause".

Over the years have there been special tunes that go off particularly well at 303 parties?

"There’s been so many but highlights would have to be Higher State of Consciousness, which nearly destroyed the tunnels, when Josh Wink visited and we all have very special memories of Andrew Weatherall closing with the John Talabot remix Teengirl Fantasy: ‘Cheaters Never Win’.

"There was James Zabiela closing seamlessly with Drum n Bass into Sasha’s Track 10 and my personal favourite from Robert Hood last year who closed up with the Bucketheads The Bomb into New Order Blue Monday".


Have you ever been sent a mix tape?

"We have never received a mix tape, however, I think it would be a real great way of getting our attention.  As with most promoters we received mixes via soundcloud links but people can be so lazy with this.  I’m old fashioned in my approach to this and would be so much more inclined to give someone a slot at 303 if they came and supported the night and got to know us all.  That’s far better than sending a friend request and then sending a link to your mix with no introduction".

In a walking dead scenario, which of your previous guests would you like at your side?

"Well off the top of my head one of the guests I think would add real value to keep our 303 crew together in the face of a zombie apocalypse would be Dave Clarke.  The Baron of techno would have no problem at all destroying revived corpses". 

And should that massive inconvenience not happen, who would you like to see at 303 in future?

"Well, should the apocalypse not happen we have a long list of DJs but the likes of Sasha, John Digweed & Kolsch would be perfect for me to die happy!"

If you can't wait for Kenny and the team to show us how they do things in the pool, then you can catch them in Williamson tunnels once a month to experience the finest in techno. If you can, then you're a stronger person than I and you can catch the 303 crew alongside Juan Atkins and DJ Bone this August at Audio Farm Festival.




As our gathering in the grounds of the gorgeous Cholmondeley Castle draws ever nearer, we've decided to start up Radio One Tribe Spotify playlist for all of our jam-packed stages, to show the vast array of audio delights on offer. 
First to go under the microscope is our Forest Stage, which plays host to an impressive array of underground music's brightest contributors with tracks from the likes of Boddika, Lone and Move D all the way through to Radioactive Man, Jerome Hill and D.A.V.E the Drummer.

Also included in this playlist are hidden gems from some of Freerotation Festivals brightest lights in the form of Grimes Adhesif's blistering new offering on Greta Cottage Workshop 'Autonomy' as well as Duckett's 'No Relation To Me'. Tom Ellis' moody saxophone led deep house etching, 'Thing One', makes an appearance, in addition to, Freerotation founder, Steevio's work of organic dance-floor action; 'Extremics' Audio Farm Festival's favourites veterans

Some of Audio Farm Festival's favourite veterans also make an appearance with Crow Castle Cuts discovery, Gnork flexing his remix muscles in a sleazy workout of Luv*Jam's  'Anti Tracksuit Party' and Cy Humphreys' Stuttacato is in attendance too, whilst Sunday's stage host and Manchester staple, Micron (no, not the French president) have their residents, Kerouac & Smile's offering; Hang 'til Daybreak.

For more content and exclusively made playlists from artists performing at the Forest Stage and beyond then please subscribe to our Spotify profile. For exclusive, locally sourced, organic mixes then why not check out our soundcloud page.


In our third installment of our exclusive mix series, we introduce you to Bleepfunk, the creative output of one Graham Fletcher.
An eclectic DJ of some years experience and veteran record collector, he has a fluent knowledge of multiple genres. Although it must be said, even though his sets may vary in style they never vary in quality, deftly switching through thoroughly sourced underground records drenched in a healthy serving of funk and soul.
Fletcher is in classic form with this Dubbed Out Disco Mix that sees tracks like Motif’s “Let The Madness begin” gel effortlessly with the likes of Jacques Lu Cont’s remix of Leroy Hanghofer’s ‘Pin’ and Bam Bam’s ‘Funkyland’.

Bleepfunk will be appearing alongside the wealth of talent in The Den, including Homoelectric’s party programmer,   Will Tramp, purveyor or muscular house and amyl electro, Pete Mangalore and Eastern Bloc Records audio artisan, Black Eyes.

If you want to hear more of Bleepfunk you can check his Soundcloud page for a much wider angle of his musical acumen.


In our second exclusive mix, we’re excited to bring you a 2-hour epic ride from boundary-pushing turntable pilot, Luv*Jam. A cult hero in electronic music culture with a sharp eye for boundary breaking, quirky shades of house, techno and dreamy ambient sounds.

1. So something of a celebrated visual designer. Do you think that elements of your design background seep into your music and DJ sets?

“Why thank you so much. Yes, not so much my DJ sets as such, but the nights I promoted were more art installations than club nights!
You recall the Mexican clown posters and the % of roadkill posters, we were a bit quirky with messages and secret factual knowledge – It’s not just about camo netting and red lights, it’s about oddity and weirdness and otherworldly experiences… As with design –
we also do the art for the labels and yes it’s a feature that punters like, the inserts, the stamps, the extra bits. A record is not only about
the music but the full experience… How do we make it even more compelling, more collectible”. 

2. Your parties are something of folklore in certain parts of the underground community and there were some huge highlights from making a giant gazebo den in the middle of the dancefloor to booking the likes of Boys Noize, is there anything that makes you look back and think; “That happened – I did that”?

“When I look back at the old photos, I do think, sh*t, yes we did actually do that. Yes, we did do that crazy secret forest onk in the north wales countryside and the following day drove back and to Stanstead to pick up Boysnoize for his first UK gig and do the entire same things again. That’s probably why I’m so tired nowadays haha! Those experiences were special for so many people. The word ‘cult’ is too much, but they certainly were memorable experiences”.

3. The labels, Crow Castle Cuts and Blind Jacks Journey are something of a barometer for fresh and interesting underground music.
I’m not going to use the phrase “Trendsetter” but with early releases from the likes of;  wAFF, Gnork, Acasual, Jimini, Al Zanders, the list goes on.
How do you find these artists before they break out?

“Thanks again, I guess, it’s about being in the mix of it all. Gnork came our way, via Dynamodyse, who we met via We Play House, then Gnork eventually introduced me
to his Budapest buddy Tamas Fiel. Red D from We Play House also introduced me to Jimini. I came across Al Zanders via the Huddle guys in Sheffield whilst playing there
and wAFF I met in Ibiza and so on… Part of it is about having the balls to do it, some things have done have been on impulse (well most of them really)
The Acausal track, for example, we knew it was good, but when old Move D plays it in a loft party in NYC, things took off for that record. But I had to go and deliver
those records to David on a stage at a Beacons Festival, otherwise, perhaps he may not have discovered the label!? So part of it is about ‘pulling one’s fingers out”.

4. Also, with regard to the labels. You see your label’s output is highly prized and collectible, especially through the likes of Discogs marking up the original price by
500%. Does that get to you much when you consider what it takes to get the record out there?

“Some are, some aren’t. We started by just doing 300 units to be safe, then some became valuable on Discogs due to this limited volumes
so, although some people might think we were going against our word of ‘no repress and so on’ but why should Discogs bullies mark up their price so dramatically.
I do believe that if somebody wants something so badly they will pay for it, but the sheer brutality of the price hike is just a P*ss take!
I have my limits – and I believe that OK, if a record was £10, then yes, as a collector, maybe £20 is ok to pay, but not £100. Therefore we meet the market requests
and do small represses, in the case of 1.2, 1.3, 10.3 and Raw.4 we did around 1000 units. And now the prices have settled. But with the likes of 1.3 and 10.3 we
could probably continuously repress those, but now we focus on the new stuff. Those represses helped fund the other records that didn’t sell so many,
not that we need to justify it, but because one record does well, doesn’t mean that I’m still not sat on a few shelves of spares here, which all had to be paid for of course!”

5. Finally. You’ve had a long term relationship with the Audio Farm team. Can you tell us about how that came about and what keeps you coming back?

“Yes, the guys have been there in the PIT, since year dot, when even I was baby-faced, and if I was, they were for sure! Ant, Tay, Ste, the boys n girls
we met in the LUV*JAM onk pit yes!? I have followed them about and they have been kind enough to let me play their nights and festivals ever since.
So Antwerp will be a first for me, and to play the ONE TRIBE festival is also very exciting indeed”. 

You can catch Luv*Jam kicking out his inimitable sound on Friday night at the Forest Stage.

Luv*Jam presents DREAM HOUSE TROPICANA VOLUMES – Volume Four is out now on Blind Jacks Journey