Audio Farm Festival 2020 Crowdfunder

During our original crowdfunding campaign, Audio Farm successfully raised £7,860 with 163 wonderful supporters. We are now continuing to accept donations until the £10,000 required has been reached. Along with our 2019 fundraiser, the £10,000 will secure the future of Audio Farm Festival 2020. For more information or to contribute, please use the link here.

Audio Farm Festival 2018

Official Thank You

It's hard to describe Audio Farm Festival 2018, but if we could say one word it would be… Magic!The Audio Farm energy and the tribe that make it happen or attend seems to grow year on year. We hope this is not the last! As a collective tribe, we believe we have created something very special and unique in an industry that is being consumed by the corporations. Audio Farm is the essence of the meaning ‘Roots Festival’. A platform that plants positive seeds of change. A safe space for all ages. A wonderland for the collective consciousness to expand. A home that we have long forgotten, a home where we are free from fear and judgment, a home where we share and support one another, a home which our ancestors knew well.This year the site worked beautifully with two separate energies either side of the walled garden. The chilled and relaxed Healing Space, The Tent of Symmetry, Kids Area and The Nest in one side, and the high energy sounds of The Sundance, The Trip and The Home of the Drum on the other. The music, workshops, performers and production were unworldly. The energy was perfect at every stage from sunrise until the late hours, from the Sunrise Yoga at 7am to the epic fire shows after 1am. In between, the 16 hours a day of varied music from all over our blue marble was just so incredible.So thank you to the crowd, the crew, the performers, the music artists, the music, the healers, the children and everyone who contributed with time or buying a ticket. Thank you deeply. Without you guys Audio Farm events are impossible and if this is our last event, then we have bowed out on a truly exceptional note.