There are not that many artists around with quite so many game-changing party starters under their belts as the multi-genre artisan, Paul Woolford. For over a decade, Paul has straddled between house, techno, garage and rave breaks without dropping a beat, starting in Leeds in the 90s alongside Tony Senghore as The Whackdaddies – making funk-infused house sounds that were regularly dropped to huge reactions on the Back To Basics dancefloor.
It was at Basics, that an early friendship with 2020 Vision Records head Ralph Lawson, crucially became a huge development in Woolford’s career, when a curious DJ tool of his creation called Erotic Discourse landed in Lawson’s lap.
In 2005, under the guise of Bobby Peru, Erotic Discourse was let loose on clubs across the world like a kick drum fuelled tsunami and there wasn’t a dancefloor around that was safe from the carnage as the track crossed over genre boundaries, blurring the lines further between house and techno.

Over the years Woolford has continued the trend of creative, insightful and boundary-pushing interpretations of dance music culture, more recently with likes of his ‘Untitled’ and MDMA on Hotflush and of course under his guise of Special Request – an all-out rave infused bass system assault.
Currently, Paul Woolford is one of the most in-demand names on the global DJ circuit, whether it be mixing the Fabric compilation, to rattling hinges off Berghain’s doors. Woolford has the ability to cut through simple dancefloor politics and tap into the hidden party in all of us.