Over the near 40 years since house music was created in the Southside of Chicago, there have been few names that have put their on the genre quite like DJ Sneak.
Growing up in the pioneering days of genre, Sneak’s early access to music was through the early Warehouse parties as well as mix tapes from the early pioneers like the Hot Mix 5 on Chicago’s famed radio station, WBMX.

For some years, Sneak had the bug for music, developing his DJ skills around the city, both as mobile DJ and in local nightclubs, jostling for work in an already saturated DJ pool.
With stiff competition in the field, Sneak chose to focus on music production and started an independent label, Defiant Records.
However it wasn’t until 1994 – while still working at the famed record store, Gramophone Records – Sneak met fellow house music boundary pusher and Relief Records owner, Cajmere, who played a pivotal role in bringing Sneaks mutant form of house music to the masses and with it, a global DJ career. Over the near 3 decades, Sneaks tracks have rocked house parties to their core with timeless and  blistering house magic, like ‘U Can’t Hide from Your Bud’, ‘All Over My Face’ and the hall of fame classic ‘Fix My Sink’. All of which are prime examples of Sneaks distinctive approach, full of soul, swing and viscous funk.

It’s fair to say that even today Sneak’s influence still casts a wide shadow, with some of the biggest lights in music today still sighting DJ Sneak as a major influence in their work. From Basement Jaxx to Daft Punk, the accolades for Sneaks work are like a roll call for the who’s who in house music culture.