It’s fair to say that Liverpool’s underground music scene has had a facelift from the Cream dominated years with a slew of new venues and club nights pulling themselves out of the woodwork and into a scene that’s teeming with fresh talent.

303 have very much established themselves as charge leaders in making the city the hot-spot that it is today with a who’s who of electronic music’s greatest envelope pushers and legendary selectors gracing the turntables to packed, fever-pitch crowds at every show.
Clubnight cornerstone, Kenny Muir sat down to answer the pressing (and some not-so) questions behind the 4-year roller-coaster ride through the Williamson Tunnels and beyond. 

So, the city of Liverpool‘s underground seems to flourishing in the last few years do you think you’re a symptom of the revival or part of the cause?.

“It certainly is flourishing and it’s great to see so many try their hand at the promotion game.  Liverpool isn’t the biggest city in the country but it is certainly the most competitive with new nights popping up literally every month and some great one’s well. There’s not many cities as healthy as Liverpool for dance music right now”.We are now in our 4th year and I would say rather than being a symptom I would say we are very much part of the cause”.

Over the years have there been special tunes that go off particularly well at 303 parties?

“There’s been so many but highlights would have to be Higher State of Consciousness, which nearly destroyed the tunnels, when Josh Wink visited and we all have very special memories of Andrew Weatherall closing with the John Talabot remix Teengirl Fantasy: ‘Cheaters Never Win’.

“There was James Zabiela closing seamlessly with Drum n Bass into Sasha’s Track 10 and my personal favourite from Robert Hood last year who closed up with the Bucketheads The Bomb into New Order Blue Monday”.


Have you ever been sent a mix tape?

“We have never received a mix tape, however, I think it would be a real great way of getting our attention.  As with most promoters we received mixes via soundcloud links but people can be so lazy with this.  I’m old fashioned in my approach to this and would be so much more inclined to give someone a slot at 303 if they came and supported the night and got to know us all.  That’s far better than sending a friend request and then sending a link to your mix with no introduction”.

In a walking dead scenario, which of your previous guests would you like at your side?

“Well off the top of my head one of the guests I think would add real value to keep our 303 crew together in the face of a zombie apocalypse would be Dave Clarke.  The Baron of techno would have no problem at all destroying revived corpses”. 

And should that massive inconvenience not happen, who would you like to see at 303 in future?

“Well, should the apocalypse not happen we have a long list of DJs but the likes of Sasha, John Digweed & Kolsch would be perfect for me to die happy!”

If you can’t wait for Kenny and the team to show us how they do things in the pool, then you can catch them in Williamson tunnels once a month to experience the finest in techno. If you can, then you’re a stronger person than I and you can catch the 303 crew alongside Juan Atkins and DJ Bone this August at Audio Farm Festival.